Sommerville Ford - Changed serpentine belt that was still good.

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One spark plug coil changed and charged my wife $218,50. Less than 2 hrs work; so that's $109.25 P/hr; WOW!

They changed a good serpentine belt, which I can do in less than 5 minutes with a 1/2" drive breaker bar, and charged her $92.58; WOW ! again.

She was smart and made them give her the take outs, so we now have a good spare serpentine belt. But were out the $92.58.

They also wanted to change the tranny fluid/screen and she refused to let them; thankfully. I can do that for about a $30 kit from the NAPA store. I'm guessing they (Summerville Ford in SC) would have charged 4 or 5 hundred for that.

I e-mailed them and the standard gobbledegook answer came back. "Ford parts

are the very best and our mechanics are trained on the very high tech planet Crapenzebull"

Try to find where to send a complaint to Ford and let me know PLEASE. My e-mail is ""

I'm 72 years young now, on fixed income (like many other seniors) and it hurts to be stolen from "by invoice." I have also owned many Fords products and this one might be the very last.

For all it's worth, I wrote to the BBB and C of C in Summerville, but that usually does no good either. We live over 100 miles from there and that's the factor that got her to do what she had to do. There'll be no eating out untill August for us.

Review about: 2007 Mercury.

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